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I don't really like to write something about me.
You should find it out by yourself. :P
But I'll try...
I'm an artless and cheerful person - nice, kindhearted, open-minded, a little bit crazy
(funny, to get up to nonsense and then some.)
I also go out with my friends to have some fun - It doesn't matter what we do.
Sometimes we're sitting together and laughing about something or we're going to any place.
And I love concerts and festivals. Music is very important to me. I also like to read a book! Hm.. fundamentally I'm incomparable. It isn't unique or individual to do everything like all the other people. Being yourself is more important! And this is why .. I'm definitely me!!
Series and movies are sooo amazing! I love to watch some series/dramas or movies.
I could write a lot of more informations about me but that's not really exciting I guess.
Well, funny or silly converstions are really great! But I also need to have a good one. Talking about everything. I don't really like it when someone isn't able to chat/talk with you about other things than only silly stuff.
Hm, I would say it's pretty easy to chat/talk with me (I guess... never talked with myself more than a hour) so feel free to write message me or send me a voice file ooorr maybe a letter or a carrier pigeon..
Ok.. I really don't want to write more now 'cause I know that I would write something weird, strange or crazy. :D


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